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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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and now for a very special edition of adam vs the man stories obama tried to bury with the announcement of bin laden's death so i will cover why april was the bloodiest month in iraq since two thousand and nine well wars we have to look forward to next oh we're still screwed economically thanks to a ball and why police are using tear gas on college students going to have obama's reelection odds with gerald selenski and the campus activists who might determine just how much you support he'll have going into two thousand and twelve you would think after the birth certificate released in the bin ladin announcement it would be spring time for the regime but not out on versus the man.
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despite the recent p.r. victories for the obama administration around the release of his birth certificate in the bin ladin announcement there are still people paying attention the things that matter imagine that and i'm not talking about going after obama student records nother story that obama might be hoping disappears in this new springtime for the obama regime but we have more important things to look forward to that might affect obama's chances at reelection. the debt crisis still looms large unemployment is still high and we are involved in kinetic military action in at least four countries none of which are winnable and joining me now to look at the trends that will be affecting the president's chances at real life in is gerald solemnity of the trends research institute this is the one thing you predicted the
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great recession that we're still experiencing the panic of two thousand and eight the tax protests our losses in our loss in iraq so let's cut to the chase do you think's going to be president in two thousand and thirteen. oh as it stands now it looks like obama will win because the republicans really don't have anybody to run against him unless you have a wild card like a ron paul you know it goes back to what bill clinton said back in the ninety two elections it's the economy. and what are the republicans do for an encore and obama knows how to pull that rabbit out of the hat every time his poll ratings are going down well as something really changes around to drive him back up so as it seems now it looks like obama but you mentioned ron paul is a wild card and you've talked a lot about the what you call the second american revolution where he talks about the philosophical revolution that we're having now when we're going to be able to
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get into that we can some our own we have enormous show but what's the connection there is that is that part and parcel of the same phenomenon that you're seeing yes is if it's really a a winner it needs a blend of two things i call it progressive libertarian progressive in the charms of you know there are a lot of people that care about what's in the water what's in the food what's in the air they don't like radiation floating over their heads or drinking you know hormone lage food milk or eating hormone injected foods has the side laden so quick rest of gone mad and and libertarian in the sense of what a ron paul agenda is bringing home the troops highly unlikely at this time as the obama administration seems to be ramping it up again for the people to go all gung ho over go in military action i mean look at the nation's response to the death of
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a guy that's really been dead in the minds if not physically for several years with osama bin ladin you know dredging this guy back up and you saw the way that people reacted and adam is what's important. go for days before oh god of saba the law that was the stance of lee killed what was the big news ben bernanke right here as younger and public enemy number one and what did he do he had a public press conference first time in the history of the federal reserve as bernanke he was speaking the dollar was crashing gold prices shot up twenty dollars an ounce silver prices two dollars an ounce hey that data the news now so you see the way these things change so rapidly so going back to the economy because ron paul says issue on the economy is also one hundred eighty degrees apart from obama's and the standard for recently downgraded our debt rating some agencies
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would put us on the scene now or saying that we're going to not be a credible borrower anymore the u.s. government is not and i think the economic issues are going to be most important when it comes to obama's reelection people are going to be evaluating are they better off now than they were four years ago what do you think this means this downgrading by standard or two to our to our debt rating in terms of obama's ability to keep people happy. well it's going to be downgraded at some point in the g.d.p. to debt ceiling in the united states is ninety five percent of g.d.p. to dead it was thirty percent thirty years ago and you're looking at it the average american it picking up their share of the debt burden is like forty six thousand dollars the debt is never going to be repaid you know bertie made off a guy who do with dignity to about ponzi scheme the way i look at february twenty seventh new york magazine they did an interview with him you know he called the
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united states government one big scheme and that's what's going on adam they're going to keep the game going we'll try anything they'll print all the digital money out of thin air that they could invent and if that doesn't work they take you to war well i'm just hoping that the game is up before the two thousand and twelve election obama gets called on the carpet by the american people terrell thank you so much for joining us tonight paper thank you adam that was gerald cilento of the trends research institute the timing of the bin ladin announcement is obviously very very convenient for the president even today he's twenty one with the media and all of us with the attention of the american public around the least release potential release of libya of a photograph of bin laden having been shot and it will knows maybe it's already out there but this isn't because they take a long time to make this kind of decision at the white house is because they want
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to keep talking about what they hear obama is they want to milk this for everything it's none of if it weren't for the bin laden announcement one of the lead stories you would have heard yesterday comes from iraq yes iraq there's still news being made there. news obama would rather you didn't hear the death of an american soldier on friday made april the deadliest month in iraq for the u.s. military since two thousand and nine remember obama declared the end of combat operations in iraq last year but somehow we still managed to lose eleven service members there in the last month bringing the total to four thousand four hundred and fifty two by the way did you know that what we set up in iraq is really a theocracy here's article two of the iraqi constitution islam is the official religion of the state and it is a fundamental source of legislation no law that contradicts the established provisions of as long may be established so for all you who still want to tell me
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that iraq was a good war and obama's right to keep as many troops there is necessary finish the job and then the troops didn't die in vain congratulations we've got a theocracy and meanwhile those who hail the death of osama bin laden are eager to proclaim america a free country and we are actually the least free country on earth at least if you look at incarceration statistics at this year's annual wheeler block party at western illinois university things got a little out of hand as put it mildly in response to some over consumption of alcohol which as you know never happens on any american college campus multiple police agencies responded with swat teams riot gear and el rad sound weapons this means freedom of speech is not only effectively being suppressed but even simple freedom of assembly is now threatened by the police state. thank you we
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thank. you thank you thank you our joining me now is julio raul seo a student who was at the now infamous wheeler block party julio thank you so much for joining us tonight a adam thank you so much shop for having me on it first want to say thanks to our cary grant but the reality of course we're breaking the story out there and reaching russia today archie this is absolutely is a man who absolutely pure hell that's yeah that's how we first found out about and thank you for your great camera view responsible for a lot of the footage that we're seeing now very dramatic again around the internet i mean we've got videos in the hundreds of thousands of views already with some of the brutality that we saw tell us about that from your perspective being at this event what really triggered this response from the police. well also as myself but
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a bunch of other students thank goodness for them for taking us some great footage as well. it was a peaceful gathering it's you know it's the end of the year we've got finals next week and and i'm still kind of shocked at what i saw you know the end all of and the wheeler block party you know at first the police officers were very kind to us they were maintaining peace you know they were making sure students weren't on the sri you know which i don't have a problem with they were checking i.d.'s just just in case for underage drinkers but i mean things i have a problem with that but go ahead go a lot yeah so some people do too i mean as a libertarian i have a problem with that but it's you know i guess that they have this party i guess you know who it was ok but anyways five thirty central time i have footage of the riot officers showing up now this is part of i leave yes i l e a s and there are a division of the party of homeland security so these are riot officers they showed
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up at an abandoned house at three twenty six west adam street in mccomb at that time maybe two minutes later all the other patrol officers from the illinois state police mcdonough county sheriffs and become police officers left the street to that abandoned little police command center and then if i swear it felt like a movie within two minutes i swear i turned around and i ceased students who are taking a stop sign down there putting up a price of coal and starting a little mini fire setting out your case on fire and we have footage literally of officers standing two three feet away watching this take place literally rushing they weren't doing anything they stood there and allowed these more onyx students to take to take down the stops and the actual this cry from robbery. exactly officers are arresting students or giving students tickets for open alcohol on the shri they did that all afternoon but they stood there and watched as these students
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tear down a stop sign i couldn't understand it myself so once that took place we see riot officers come out of nowhere and the lines of three three rows of maybe ten officers around maybe thirty or twenty right officers i think got the numbers and they start you know to each each one he starts slowly creeping up on the on the students officers regular shoot officers with mace tear gas. tasers they were coming out dogs. sound sounds more like sounds more like a egypt sile none of those tear gas canisters that you were using in any of them say made in egypt perchance no you know i didn't i didn't i didn't want to get close to there and of paradise the right. kind of like it makes this has a lot of there but a lot of ways in which this is a lot of their last year at the willard block party i saw a video footage of the students chanting usa usa clear patriotic mood
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a year ago obviously when they were getting swept off the street by swat teams it wasn't the same mood how do you think this affects students opinion of obama in general political outlook towards a police state in contrast to what it's been in the past i think students understand more of the police state right now than ever before or students are upset of what took place on saturday afternoon i quickly want to read our university president said. i have a paper a here he he said. he supports all of the law enforcement tactics man i can find the actual quote you can look it up on the western courier box he also called students who attended the wheel of rock party i got this court right here he said it's sad those individuals have such little respect for themselves their community and their university i don't drink as much and yet it's wrong ok i am standing up for my rights were for the university for the city to a route police brutality to place it's out of it's out of control it clearly is
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right clearly the disgrace here is the police having a lack of respect for individual human rights because they belong to students to thank you so much for joining us tonight peace loving dad say no police brutality to the story out there guys thank you r.c. continue to question more guys thanks a man thank you very much that was who will rouse aoe a student at western illinois university home of the wheeler block party now infamous wheeler block party meanwhile police in london who are rounding up would be dissidents to keep protesters from disrupting the royal wedding we're a little more polite at least in the case of charlie be true we had on the show last friday for that versus the man at royal wedding spectacular as promised you're about to see the brutal arrest of this most dangerous dissident get ready for a royal beat down english style. to be the worst in years the reasonable grounds to suspect conspired with others whose public nuisance in relation to the
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movie this is certainly this is the crew two thousand in the cage. with my fingers . when we come back we'll see if obama stands a chance at reelection and we'll have a special edition of it you the viewer formally known as i found i and you'll find out what martin luther king jr would have said about celebrating the death of an enemy. girl the fear mongering used by politicians who made decisions. can you trust no one. issue and deal with a global missionary zeal where are we having state controlled capitalism is called
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fascism when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more. play got to get we like to find out the time i get. elected i mean it's perfect for him like it is this campaign seemed like he died during my presidency like you couldn't listen really see that i mean come on. i think it is just four
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more years i mean this i mean economists kind about right now but this is one of the greatest moments this was a very memorable right now. i think this is going to help galvanize support for barack obama among people who are concerned about our military adventures. overseas i think that this demonstrates that obama is pursuing policies that that are work a. good thing we've got a bunch of drunk g.w. students that tell us how it's going to be in two thousand and twelve how many of those you decide you think got out monday morning to start organizing the grassroots obama reelection campaign that voted by the way was from sunday night at the white house following the bin laden announcement and while it's slightly more serious people have also been hoping that obama's numbers will get
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a huge boost out of the bin ladin announcement as approved numbers of more or less held studying his current disapproval is still around fifty percent on the economic front stocks surge in response to the news about bin ladin but now it seems it was only temporary and economic issues still loom large for two thousand and twelve and that doesn't bode well for the president joining me now to discuss the g.o.p.'s outlook for two thousand and twelve is in the house and want to be president of conservative conservative conservative illinois i for liberty at the university of illinois thank you so much for joining us i am so of these college students that you turned out sunday night at the white house. does that reporter do you think at all in the way that the college race is going to be involved in the two thousand and twelve walk from camp and you know i honestly do you think so especially in illinois i go to school in the lanes that's obama's home state everyone there you know in two thousand it was extremely excited upon his election and i do think that they'll vote for him for reelection to be entirely honest unfortunately but do you think that's a high probability do you think he's going to have the same kind of on campus
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support and activism behind his campaign that he had in two thousand i know i don't think people will be as excited as they were in two thousand and eight mostly because obama made a lot of promises in his two thousand campaign that really no one could deliver on and also they were so vague that there wasn't anything to be delivered on that change i mean what does that mean it was his main campaign strategy was over for me i'll bring change but you never specified what exactly he meant by that ok so looking to the other side then i mean no matter who you would want to be president we know the best odds of taking out on the come from the g.o.p. of the cameras that we've seen get in the race so far who do you think stands the best odds of you know obama in two thousand and twelve well let's say i think that obama stands best chance at reelection because i don't think that there's a really strong g.o.p. front runner right now and basically people have the highest name recognition are sarah palin and donald trump and quite honestly i don't know if they're the most serious presidential candidate some people in the confidence in what should be i represent paul ryan from wisconsin and governor chris christie have publicly
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announced that they're not going to be running for the presidential election which i think is somewhat unfortunate but so are you saying the best chance the republican party has is to get behind someone earlier in this case wanted to go and i do think that the republicans are going to win the senate and i think they're going to keep hold of the house of representatives which is going to be really good for the republican party in general and i think it will open up the doors for you know talking sixteen but right now i think that that's sort of their best chance to get you know hold of the government well it's the republicans take the house and two thirds of the senate in two thousand and twelve going to looking for them through the two thousand so. team election or perhaps a two thousand and fifteen gresham election do you think taking all that power in the same way when the democrats took control and thousand and six or from the three thousand six election that they were able to parlay that into a win for obama if the republican party if we are so strong we have the house and the senate for four years going and it's a thousand and sixteen after obama are you afraid that that would set up another democratic president to follow goma if he gets reelected. in the internet in
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sixteen right now i really don't think so i mean i have a lot of confidence in both the house over there in the senate republicans especially with paul ryan's in more so than you know than our presidential candidates. yes i would definitely face them i mean if paul ryan was running for president i'd be you know gun haul guy who outlined a really confident about it but stars he's out there running and it's just really don't see it ok thank you very much that was natasha johnson president of conservative bill and i for liberty at the university of illinois so we now have a special edition of outfront live we're not calling it it's f.m.r. for more information this week we're calling it you the viewer our first comment comes from facebook from marcus north korean who writes i don't know what i would do without r t even the so called alternative media here in sweden doesn't come close to even contemplate a different view of the osama bin laden events in the mainstream media has kelli
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bellegarde also from facebook writes as far as i'm concerned we executed a suspected criminal without a trial or even a tribunal and it's kind of sad they were seeing a lot of comments now people questioning the decision by barack obama at least on the legal grounds that it wasn't done properly legally taken bin ladin out the way that he did tommy kirkpatrick writes important show today he's referring of course to yesterday's show following the announcement of solomon islands that americans should understand obama is completely dishonorable in his own character and especially to those that took the oath in this osama spectacle as a marine i have no closure and i highly doubt the official story being presented through the mainstream summer five. a lot of military personnel were hoping to get some sense of closure out of the death of osama bin laden but given that we still have so many hundreds of thousands of troops deployed overseas it's a little tough for those of us who still have friends in the field and are hoping
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that they come home as soon as possible and one more from facebook we have first of all who writes the american people are just too far gone they're collectively unable to think for themselves so many of the friends and i list keep sharing osama's death and in the same sentence congratulating either the president or the troops for america's freedom boron's one person commented on another friend's ridiculous post indicated thanks to obama and that this was all done without a single casualty so all of the hundreds of thousands of innocent people who have died in the last ten years because we had to fight obama tough things yes there's been a lot of shortsighted celebration in the wake of the bin laden announcement and the response of the american people has been as predictable as of lovins response dogs responding to the ringing of the bell we are being played exactly the way the administration wants us to be. from you too we have a comment obama releases birth certificate date of the first conference in ninety
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seven years this is about last week when obama finally released the long form birth certificate and it just so happened to kind of kill the news cycle around bernanke the federal reserve chairman ben bernanke his press conference announcing that he's simply going to keep printing more money three days before the see obama the all of the thing about osama bin laden three days before the may fifth debates and right around the same time as the new budget proposals also serve as a great distraction and he said as he goes on there these are such obvious political diversionary tactics and most people refuse to see it that comment from mr flintlocks also from you too hey it's the same people out in front of the white house that were at the royal wedding just different accents and different flags they must be on world who are that from earth awakening and we have another one from you tube here if anything people who have taken the government at their word on this arkansas are of the conspiracy theorists last time i heard there was zero
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proof released well see we have talk of a photograph perhaps of bin laden coming from the white house but hey we're moving on to more important things sure mcgavin however also joins in with a comment from you tube and i think this is really apropos in this day and age i say pics or it didn't happen. all right finally a comment i'd like to respond to from another viewer on you tube he says adam i'd like you to talk about this i'm twenty six with under one gram of marijuana possession charge from when i was sixteen the military army navy marines etc is turning away people like me from joining the army but yet we're taking on new wars they're downsizing the army in a time of war i've been told to just not even try to join the army well you've gotten pretty good advice there and it's not really true that they're downsizing the military as much as that they're at lowering the standards are
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a couple comments from twitter real quick from j.b. oh the real adam koch is i feel like an outcast man trying to send a message that nobody wants to hear i don't know how you do and stay positive but hearing you helps well they were doing i don't know how to do anything with stay positive i love this and if you're as ron paul said if you're not having fun you're not doing it right security info writes adam koch is on our t.v. dot com russian news there must be a link to communism and subverting the us has just saying hashtag feeding the trolls we're not subverting the us we're supporting the government because we love this country and since everyone is still talking about even reveling in the announcement of bin laden's death i'd like to share a quote from martin luther king jr returning hate for hate multiplies hate adding deeper darkness tonight already devoid of stars darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that hate can out cannot drive out hate only love can do that and
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i for one will never celebrate the death of an enemy you know i was bothered somewhere somehow deep inside in a way i couldn't quite put my finger on what i saw people cheering a death in the name of america. vengeance only satisfies a primitive soul but now in a way i'm not worried because i know we have plenty of primitive people in america living emotionally stunted lives right here all around us it's nothing new but i've come to accept that there is still a mob in america and although they may go cheer for obama after the bin laden announcement they will be right back in front of the white house with pitchforks and they can't buy groceries because their dollars aren't worth anything we are in the middle of a philosophic revolution in america and that's the only kind that comes in a letter written in one thousand eight hundred john adams second president of the
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united states said what do we mean by the american revolution do we mean the american war the revolution was affected before the war commenced the revolution was in the eyes and hearts of the people a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations while the king and all authority under him were believed to govern in justice and mercy of cording to the laws and constitution derive to them from the god of nature and transmitted to them by their ancestors they thought themselves bound to pray for the king and queen and all the royal family and all of the already under them as ministers or deigned of god for their good but when they saw those powers three now see all the principles of authority in bent upon the destruction of all the securities of their lives liberties and properties they thought it their duty to pray for the continental congress and all thirteen state congresses this radical change in the principles opinions sentiments and affections of the people was the real american revolution our revolution will be realized when these people.
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when these people have the same realisation as our founders when these people realize that they are not being governed for their own good not by the rule of law not by the u.s. constitution that even by justice and mercy when these people see that we are governed by politicians who announced the principles from which there are thore should be derived in our governing with no regard for the securities of their lives liberties and properties then we will have the new american revolution that's our show thanks so much for tuning into adam vs the man who set out adam vs the man i counted on guests and topics and find me on facebook and twitter as always you can email me at adam at adam vs the man dot com and you can catch this broadcast live as it airs at our consulates usa and.


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